What makes a movie great?

Are the story and the characters in the movie great? Is the cinematography beautiful? Did the actor give great performance? Is the soundtrack a top-notch one? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you can say that a certain movie is great.

Elements that make a great movie

  • Script
  • Character
  • Act
  • Timing
  • Volume
  • Imagery

All of these elements are important in making a great movie. But storytelling should be highlighted as this is the one that makes a good movie. The cinema is all about storytelling. Anything that is put into a movie such as song, lighting, dialogue, props, or even the editing part will convey something to the audience.

Knowing the importance of subtext

The subtext is one concept that is needed to be incorporated into films by young filmmakers and screenwriters these days. This is what distinguishes good films: storytelling!

Subtext can be used in almost anything in your movie be it in the script, in editing or in camera work. Essentially, the subtext is about the subtle messages that you want to convey to your audience without explicitly naming them.

If you need to explain the subtext, something went wrong. You don’t have to explain the story to the audience, they should research, understand, or at least interpret it themselves.

You can find helpful advice on how to add more subtext to your scripts provided by seasoned screenwriters online. While doing some editing to your scripts, you may check https://medium.com/@playtime/ and find the best toy gifts for your kids. The easiest way is to keep the dialogue to the bare minimum.

Basically, in video production for entertainment, it makes sense to express yourself as clearly as possible. If you have a complicated idea, try reducing it to one line.

Ask yourself if you can communicate the same message with a look, a symbol, or something non-verbal that will allow your audience to be more engaged and more interested in your video. Every time you watch a movie, always take a close look at the films to see which special cinematic stylistic devices are used. Make a list and then apply that to your own videos.