Three Must-See Video Game Adaptations In Movies

Three Must-See Video Game Adaptations In Movies

Generally speaking, video game adaptations are rarely good. The pioneer here was Uwe Boll, who made one bad film after the other and got away with popular game series. Fortunately, there are exceptions and sometimes really good or at least entertaining video game adaptations. Here are the three best video game adaptations.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

Beat what it takes or until the controller is broken. This is the motto of “Mortal Kombat”, THE most brutal beating game series par excellence ( speaking of brutal: here are the best Netflix films from 18 ). A logo that the appropriate video game adaptation was also required here. And “Mortal Kombat” by director Paul WS Anderson is not only stupidly stupid, but the film also doesn’t take itself too seriously either.

On top of that, there is a cool techno soundtrack that was very trendy at least at the time. And so “Mortal Kombat” quickly became a box office hit, which was not only followed by a bad sequel, but also a TV series.

About 122 million US dollars could film import around the world, with an estimated 18 million US dollars was the budget relatively manageable.

Hitman (2007)

In the “Hitman” game series, gamers take control of Agent 47, a bald-headed contract killer who is particularly rewarded for creative murders that look like an accident. In the sandbox level design, players can switch off their target in different ways and play “Hitman” according to their preferences: For example as a Rambo, who shoots wildly through the area. Or as a silent shadow, which of course requires significantly more planning and represents a greater challenge.

Due to the success of the series, the video game adaptation was not long in coming and so “Hitman” with Timothy Olyphant in the leading role came to the cinema in 2007. The film allowed itself some freedom and changed, among other things, the origin story of Agent 47 and the film also contains a lot more lead than most players would like. Nevertheless, “Hitman” was convincing on many levels, and the fact that the film is not two hours long also benefits him.

Internationally, “Hitman” was able to gross almost $ 100 million, the budget is estimated to have been 24 million. A sequel was under discussion for a long time, but in 2013, 20th Century Fox’s film studio decided to take the reboot route. Paul Walker should take the lead. Due to his tragic death, Agent 47’s part went to Rupert Friend from the TV series “Homeland”. In 2015 “Hitman: Agent 47” came to the cinema and flopped along its entire length.

Resident Evil (2002)

Survival horror is the name of the genre that decisively shaped “Resident Evil”. The game, known as “biohazard” in Japan, made gamers worldwide fear in 1996 and caused many sleepless nights. As a member of the STARS special unit, you search the forests of the fictional city of Raccoon City for the lost colleagues of the Bravo team. When the group is attacked by wild dogs, they can flee to an apparently abandoned mansion. But the next terror is already lurking there. The player has to fight zombies, solve puzzles and – more importantly – not to pee in fear.

In 2002, the video game adaptation of the same name “Resident Evil” was released and the film tells the loose story of the first game (we ignore the fact that it was also told in the same year with the game “Resident Evil Zero”). Milla Jovovich plays Alice, who is memory-deficient and wakes up in an abandoned mansion. When she gets to the bottom of the mysteries of her amnesia, a special force storms the property and takes her to the “Hive”: an underground research station of the Umbrella Corporation, in which a tragic incident occurred.

The later parts of the film series can certainly be argued, but the first part captured the atmosphere of the early games well, but also took a lot of freedom. The result is a rock-solid film, the stylized look of which, combined with the hard industrial soundtrack by Marilyn Manson, has become a real box-office hit that has (so far) produced five sequels and is considered one of the most successful video game adaptations worldwide. This was also reflected in the worldwide gross income of over $ 100 million. The budget was estimated at 33 million.

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