Three Dentist Movie Scenes You Won’t Forget

Three Dentist Movie Scenes You Won’t Forget

Few people like to visit dental clinics. Why? Dentists appear a lot more like ancient torturers than specialists, and sadly this is due to the pain from our mouth that really makes them look like this.

In movies, dentists may be gentle or completely terrible mainly because the creatives in the film industry want to have fun with playing our fears or the complete opposite making their job resemble a boring, tiresome reality. Yet dentists could also be entertaining and horrifying in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at three dentist movie scenes that surely entertained us.

Finding Nemo

Have you ever thought about a fish knowing more than what you really know? These collection of fish clearly are like they in fact argue about the their owners’ (who happens to be a dentist) equipment and what he really does. They even commented on patients, and if they happen to do something or just stay still on the dentist chair. The scene at the dental office in Finding Nemo is really something to remember. It’s all together cute.


The Coneheads scene with the dentist is something you would really laugh about even at the thought of it. Imagine being the dentist and encounter a guy who opens his mouth to a lot of teeth and literally, it’s a lot of teeth. This is one film you won’t forget as the directors of the movie did a great job to uniquely describe the Coneheads. And the best way they did it is on the dentist chair.

Little Shop of Horrors

This movie will give you second thoughts to visit your dentist alone. It will give you the creeps. You’d rather bear the pain than visit a dentist. Who would like to be tortured in pain by a dentist?

You’d love your dentist like your friendly Davisville dentist after a good movie about dentists. Or you can even hate them after a movie like the Little Shop of Horrors. Either way, you can’t do away with dentists. So you have no real choice but to love them.