The Best Films And Series On Architecture And Design

The Best Films And Series On Architecture And Design

Netflix has a good number of series, movies, and reality shows for those who are fans of architecture and design. Check out these series and films on the streaming platform and learn more about these topics.

The Great Interior Design Challenge

The Great Interior Design Challenge is an annual competition to find the best amateur interior designers in Britain. Originally broadcast by the BBC, in this reality, the participants are challenged to design an environment per program, with a budget of one thousand pounds.

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Outside, common houses. Inside, dollhouses, a Sci-Fi museum, and even a giant aquarium. In this documentary series, residents open the door of their homes to show their unusual styles of decoration. Each episode is 26 minutes long, each with a different home. Some are already ready, but there are other episodes that follow from planning to the end.

Grand Designs

In this series, host Kevin McCloud shows houses built by the residents themselves. In addition, he follows the project step by step. At each episode, of about 60 minutes, the presenter knows the customers, advises the participants, and assists in the smooth running of the project. In the end, you see houses with different architectures in incredible places.

Minimalism: A Documentary on the Important Things

This documentary, which lasts just over an hour, defends the idea that less is more. The film shows the tour of the book by the duo Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, creators of the website The Minimalists. In addition, it features other people with different projects, but with the same philosophy.

Abstract: The Art of Design

This documentary series shows behind the scenes work by renowned artists from the most diverse areas, such as photography and architecture. In addition, the film shows how these works impact our lives.

Brothers to the Work

Irmãos à Obra is one of the most successful reality shows at the moment. Jonathan and Drew Scott (twin brothers, both an architect) help people purchase and modernize their homes, turning them into dream homes. The series is a Canadian production and each episode is about 40 minutes long.

Print the Legend

Print the Legend is a documentary behind the scenes of a promising market: 3D printing. This market is already revolutionizing the way we produce from simpler objects to food, clothes, and how we build houses. The film addresses the challenges, possibilities, and controversies of this new industry.

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