Spy Technology of the Future

Spy Technology of the Future

Countless of science fiction novels and movies imagined what the surveillance tech is going to be in the future. Some may be used in spying you sooner than what you have even thought. In fact just today, there are so many gadgets that are considered to be the best spy camera. These devices can be as small as a button which is capable of recording in HD and many more.

Spy technology captured people’s imagination from all over the world. First, it was through books and novels and then, it receives film adaptations, which of course is more exciting and thrilling to see. However, people sometimes forget that the concepts and gadgets explored aren’t just fantasy. As mentioned, there are already real-life tools that experts are using (especially in the government) to obtain intelligence both on people and on the nation as a whole.

It is exciting to learn what people may expect in real life down the road. If you too feel the same thing, then you better keep on reading…

Real-Time Facial Surveillance

It’s foreseen that surveillance cams do not necessarily need unobstructed and clear images just to do face detection. At various public places like train stations, parks and several densely populated locations, security officials and law enforcement team area using advanced tech for facial recognition.

On the other hand, it requires them to have clear view of people’s faces before identifying them. In future, this would not be necessary with the continuous advancements in technology.

Detecting Activity as per Smartphone’s Characteristics

There are a lot of people who take for granted the internal workings of a phone like the ones that let it sense orientation. One example of this is the gyroscope. According to experts, this component and other sensors may be tapped into users who like to know more about the owner like spies.

In a study performed at University of Illinois, researchers from College of Engineering can detect the differences among phone signals with 96% accuracy. They say that other parts of the device similar to fingerprint sensors make it easier in determining things regarding the owner or the activities they are most engaged in.