Six Factors That Make The Success Of Film Making

Six Factors That Make The Success Of Film Making

When making a film, there are many supporting factors in it. These factors cannot be separated from each other. Here are the supporting factors that make film making a success.

  1. Material, Funding or Money Factors. Material or money in the world of film is very important to support the creation of a film. If the film making lacks material, funds or money, it is certain that the film will fail to air.
  2. Cast. In filmmaking, the second most important factor is the cast. We often also call actors as artists, actresses, actors, or supporting roles. If there is no cast, who plays the storyline?
  3. Location of manufacture. The third factor is the location of manufacture, can be indoor or outdoor. The location of filmmaking usually depends on the story to be filmed.
  4. Screening Place. A screening place is a place that will be used as a medium to show the film when the film is finished. The screening place can be a TV station or a Cinema
  5. Network. The network we mean is the connection that is owned before, during or after filming. Networks are needed especially when making films with locations that are outside the country or that tell about the history of a country.
  6. Film Crew. The film crew and production assistants have the most duties and functions and the success rate of filmmaking is in the hands of the film crew.

The filmmaking crew is divided into several sections. In many instances, most film making hires additional hand from outside the team for an extra hand. PA hire can be done from third party agencies.

The main parts include the Executive Producer, Producer, Production Manager, Unit Manager, Production Coordinator, Post-Production Supervisor, Director or Director, First Assistant Director, Second Assistant Director, Production Assistant, Script Supervisor, and Stunt Coordinator.

The arts and design section, the camera and sound section, the grip, lighting and editor. The crew under these sections (which include 66 parts of the film crew) have their respective functions and duties in filmmaking.