Setting-up an Advertising Campaign for Your YouTube Video

Setting-up an Advertising Campaign for Your YouTube Video

Creating a blockbuster video needs to have the right script, story play, right talent, location for shooting, and editing. However, investing much of your time and effort in doing so can’t just leave you in letting your video sit on a homepage. Or, you just let it be shared on social networks and wait for someone to watch on it.

Furthermore, your video should have a great content and to be proactive in acquiring the attention of your visitors is very important. And, one best way to ensure that your audience may get the video content that you produce is through running a set of YouTube ads. Having the established formats and tracking power, ROI reports can be extracted.

Unfortunately, doing advertisement on YouTube is far different from operating a paid social campaign. Specific creative constraints, like using scripts to automate Google ads, and many more options covered by this platform are very much available. Specific knowledge on this aspect is very much needed before scoping out a next video project.

Ways to Set-up Advertising Campaign on YouTube Video

After creating a marketing video for your advertisement on YouTube, video ad campaign is the next big thing to do. To start with, just go to Google AdWords and set your campaign. Moreover, this digital transformations in the entertainment industry should also be established.

Campaign Type

At the Google AdWords homepage, press the drop-down menu located at the right-hand side of the red + Campaign button. Afterwards, select “video”.

Campaign Name

Put on a name for your campaign. However, it is better to ensure that the video has already been selected from the Type arrow down menu.

Video Ad Format

The format supported here is the TrueView format. So, in order to assure that the video ads will be in the format of a TrueView, simply choose “In-stream or the video discovery ads”.


A specified budget should be set on a daily basis. The delivery method should also be chosen. It is either the standard delivery or accelerated delivery method. The standard delivery shows ads daily in a uniform manner. Meanwhile, the accelerated delivery generates views quickly.


This is essential as this will dictate where your ad should appear. Two of the most common networks are the YouTube Search and the YouTube Video.

A separate campaign should be created for YouTube Search and YouTube Video in order to monitor the performance metrics effectively.