Photography like a Pro with iPhone

Photography like a Pro with iPhone

For a lot of photos taken and uploaded these days, iPhone’s camera has a big contribution to it. That’s not that surprising for it has proven its stand. It’s the perfect point-and-shoot. The focus and exposure are always on point or at least, needs simple correction. Occasionally though, you would have to take over to get that perfect shot!

To give you an example, perhaps that beautiful deep blue sky is getting washed out because your phone keeps correctly exposing a human’s face in the foreground – when in fact, what you want is a silhouette or the other way around. Perhaps, the phone is insisting to focus on a tree in foreground rather than the person who is half-hidden behind.

Both issues can be easily fixed by being aware of some manual controls that are built straight to your iPhone’s camera app. They are hidden well so you may just not notice them. But you can be sure that they’re easy to find and use.

iPhone’s Manual Focus Feature?

Stock camera application from Apple does not manually focus. There are actually no controls that you can use in moving the focus point in any part of the frame. But, having accurate focus is a rare occasion with the device. The problem is, it is locking onto wrong subject. Luckily, a simple remedy for this is doing a simple lock.

The thing is, you would not be able to do just that if your iPhone screen is damaged. So before doing any of it, ensure to do iPhone screen repair by Fixpod.

Manual Exposure

After locking the focus, your iPhone will automatically lock the exposure as well. That may not be the ideal exposure setting for the shot that you are taking. Say for example that you are focused on someone’s shadow or with a dark complexion or wearing black clothes. They’ll get perfect exposure however, the scene behind them may be washed out with weaker colors and too bright.

But worry no more as after engaging the iPhone’s focus lock, you can enter its manual exposure mode as well which provides an easy fix for this problem.