People In The Movie Industry With Facial Hair That Suits Them

People In The Movie Industry With Facial Hair That Suits Them

No Oscar nominations without facial hair: beards are currently proliferating on actor’s cheeks – and other celebrities no longer feel like shaving. So far there have been two types of beard wearers: Type A drives an old nine-seater, six to eight children sit on the back seats. Type A wears Birkenstock sandals on their feet and baggy jeans. He is a teacher or a Protestant pastor. So if you want to grow a beard too, you may want to try this

The Most Attractive Beard Styles

George Clooney

Type B can be found in the forest, it lives on mushrooms, berries, and roots and turned away from civilization years ago. There has recently been a third type: the prominent beard wearer who wants to make the jungle a trend. To this category actor George Clooney.

Christoph Waltz

Like his colleague Christoph Waltz, he embodies a certain type of man – guys who turn their rough side outward. The Academy members who decide on the Oscar winners seem to have taken a liking to this type of man. In the categories “Best Leading Role” and “Best Supporting Role” eight out of ten candidates have a beard.

Jeff Bridges

He is the ideal cast in the film Crazy Heart and a favorite in the race for the best leading actor: Jeff Bridges, subscribed to losers. Such a person no longer needs razor blades.

Harry Rowohlt

Perhaps the beard is also simply a complement to camouflage sunglasses, a useful accessory for playing hide-and-seek: this explanation at least suggests the behavior of Harry Rowohlt, translator and author of cultural columns, who, according to the DPA news agency, is basically only afraid of kidnapping in his role as a bum on television in Lindenstrasse.

Christian Wulff

Of course, there are other reasons to wear a beard: Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Christian Wulff let his hair sprout because he had to redeem a lost bet on his honeymoon and therefore decided not to shave. After the vacation in Tuscany, the stubble came off. The Prime Minister had bet with a moderator on the radio station FFN that the turnout in the state elections in January would be as high as in 2003. However, only 57 percent voted, significantly less than five years earlier.

Leslie Mandoki

The beard is part of his outfit for image reasons: Leslie Mandoki, the music producer and musician, became known as a member of the band Dschinghis Khan in a floor-length coat with shouts of “Hu! Ha! Hu! Ha!” A Balkan to Mongolian-looking, in any case, wild beard, must of course not be missing.

Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and Jim Carrey showed up at the Oscars with a beard. While not everyone is pleased, it still suits their look.