New Safety Guide For Bags And Backpacks Before Entering A Movie House

New Safety Guide For Bags And Backpacks Before Entering A Movie House

As security issues are part of everyday life in the United States, the film chain Regal Cinemas has changed its security policy and is tightening luggage and backpack checks.

However, if you have plan to watch a movie, prepare to check the possibility of your baggage. As the company said, Drama Chain Legal Entertainment Group has updated its website to address security issues that have become part of everyday life in the United States. Regal has more than 560 theaters across the country. NPR Andrew Limbon visited one of our studios.

Safety issues around the firearms and many have actually reached the gateway to the cinema. The new Texas Chain Theater Chain Policy prohibits large backpacks and backpacks from entering the theater.

The policy says, “Baggage and parcels greater than 12 x 12 x 6 inches can not enter the theater to enhance the safety and security of guests and staff, except for medical kits and diaper bags.”

Backpack Search Before Entering Inside A Movie House

Andrew Limbon, Signature: The Regal Cinema Gallery in Washington, DC has a laminated platen logo. “All types of backpack with patches cheap and luggage must be checked before entering the facility to ensure that all guests remain safe and comfortable,” they said. Obviously, the theater team always has the right to check luggage, such as food and drinks. But now they are checking all the luggage and backpacks they take tickets. Theatre director André Smith said the new policy started two weeks ago. How can I recover my luggage?

Andre Smith: Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be refunded. Or you can take it home anytime.

LIMBONG: No particular policy change incidents were cited, but the Louisiana shooting incident occurred during the July Train Accident investigation. This month, a man used a spray to attack customers. Since the beginning of the search in the theater, they have only found things that are often smuggled.

There are many foods that people sneak in. LIMBONG: Regal’s headquarters didn’t respond to requests for comments, but the company’s website says, “This program can be inconvenient and it ’s not without mistakes, but it does n’t make sense when compared to security. NPR News Andrew Limbong.