Movies: Effect of film music

Movies: Effect of film music

The effect of film music is enormous. It can move people to tears or bring them joy. In order to produce this effect, various principles are used in film music in order to specifically influence the perception of viewers.

Emotional impact

Film music triggers an emotion in each viewer. Joy, sadness, even fear can be transported through them. The soundtrack of a media message is therefore a key element in generating emotions. Depending on the audience’s listening habits, film music is perceived subjectively.

Personal experiences make up the majority of our musical perception. A song can represent the first kiss or it can be associated with the sad loss of a relative.

Here, joy and sadness are often closely related. But in addition to all the subjective influences, film composers can specifically use film music techniques to artificially create moods and emotions, address basic instincts in the listener, and thereby have a targeted influence on the human psyche.

  • The effect of film music is very clearly noticeable in horror films, here the listener does not have to like the music at all, and just the use of deep to very shrill sounds subconsciously creates a threatening mood. The recipient feels fear.
  • Quiet piano music on the other hand can have a relaxing effect on the audience and make them dream a piece.
  • Dramatic music, on the other hand, uses booming horns and loud drums.

Music in advertising and film

Music and emotions are closely related. It is precisely this property that composers use for commercial music or image films in order to subliminally influence the viewer with music.

Nowadays it is unthinkable to tell a story on TV, cinema, but also within the new media, such as online advertising or computer games, without film music.  Manufacturers of cb antenna for 18 wheeler use music to advertise their products.

The following points play a crucial role in creating emotions through music.

  • The choice of musical instruments
  • The pace, as well as the style of play
  • The composition – harmony, and melody

Instrument selection for film music

In film music, the choice and pitch of instruments can play a very crucial role in triggering emotions in the listener. The musical composition plays a less important role than the effect that emerges from the choice of instruments. Mood technology is also used in specialist jargon.