Movie Release Dates Affected by the Coronavirus Situation

Movie Release Dates Affected by the Coronavirus Situation

There’s no means of telling when the coronavirus would stop. As scary as it sounds, there are new cases being recorded day after day. Because of this, it has affected so many businesses, especially the movie industry. In fact, some producers have already delayed or even suspended production for their project to give way for the spread of infectious disease. If you are waiting for a particular movie to be released, then Allassignmenthelp UK got your back as they can do research for you or more so, check other topics you need info with.

But as with our main topic, the following are list of some movies have been delayed the release dates:

Number 1. No Time to Die

MGM, Universal as well as Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson has announced that after having careful consideration and in-depth assessment of global theatrical marketplace, they come to a decision of postponing the release of No Time to Die until November 2020.

Number 2. A Quiet Place Part II

On Instagram, Director John Krasinski had made an announcement of the horror sequel to be delayed amid the continuous growth of coronavirus cases worldwide. Paramount backs his decision and now made the release date for the movie on September 4.

Number 3. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

This movie is among the first few films that delayed the release date due to coronavirus situation.

Sony has pushed its release from late March to first week of August, 7 to be exact. However, since there’s no exact date when the lockdown will be lifted, Sony pushes its release as far as January 15, 2021.

Number 4. Fast and Furious 9

The release of the Fast and Furious installment will be delayed from May 22, 2020 all the way to April 2, 2021.

Number 5. Mulan

Even though many are anticipating the release of Mulan, Disney have to make a difficult decision of postponing its release from March 27 to July 24. The decision was due to the big shuffling of Disney movies that were made to its release on April 3.