Movie And Entertainment Industry’s Fate Lies On The Success Of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Movie And Entertainment Industry’s Fate Lies On The Success Of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Movie And Entertainment Industry’s Fate Lies On The Success Of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

The entire world was put to a halt when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out earlier this year. As we entered the New Year, many people had so many things to look forward to in the months to come. One of these were the big blockbuster movies that were supposed to be released in movie houses this year. Unfortunately, fate has something else in store for the humankind. Instead of people flocking in movie theaters for the premiere of the much-awaited popcorn flick of 2020, we are now stuck inside our house as strict community quarantine measures prevent us from going to crowded public spaces.

Obviously, as it remains impossible for moviegoers to go to cinemas due to the threat of the novel coronavirus, film producers had no choice but to postpone the release of their respective movies. With the way things are going, we may have to be a little more patient in waiting for the movies that were supposed to premiere this year. Instead, we look forward into 2021 for these big movie premieres, although be ready for some unexpected delays once again as the coronavirus threat is still far from over.

Is The COVID-19 Vaccine The Key To The Reopening Of Movie Theaters Next Year?

As per the latest data, countries continue to scramble in addressing the COVID-19 infections in their respective areas of jurisdiction. Some countries were lucky enough to get past the first wave of the coronavirus infection, although recent reports show that a much more dangerous second wave is on the way. This means that there is no reason for any country to act complacent just yet, and the strict quarantine regulations must still be implemented to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

So what does this all mean with regards to the reopening of movie theaters and the subsequent release of postponed movie premieres due to the pandemic? Movies like “No Time to Die,” “Fast and Furious 9,” “Black Widow,” and “A Quiet Place Part 2” made early announcements that the premiere dates would be moved into late 2020 or early 2021.

However, as long as the threat of the coronavirus remains high, there is no guarantee that these new release schedules will be followed. It is more likely that these dates are just placeholders, and there is a good chance that the premiere will need to be postponed once again.

At this point, the COVID-19 vaccine is the only solution for the world population to gain immunity from the coronavirus. This way, people will be protected even as they go out and interact with each other. They can also visit for their pets’ needs, then book the tickets for their favorite movies without fear of catching COVID-19 in theaters.