List of Top Movies that Have Boots in Title

List of Top Movies that Have Boots in Title

When it comes to thinking of a title of a movie, it is not that hard because there are countless of possible word combinations that are related to the movie. If you are to ask the question “how many movies with the word boots in the title can you recall?”, will you be able to answer it? can you actually remember the movies that have that word boots in the title? If yes, then you are really a movie lover and you are probably the type of person who likes wearing boots from, if no, well then it is fine because in this article, we list down the top movies with the word boots on its title. Of course the movies you will read are not only included for the sake of this article, but the movies are very good as well.

To most people, there is probably at least one movie title with boots in the title that they can recall. After reading this article, you will be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of movies about boots that exist.

Popular movies like Das Boots and Boot Hill are just some of those films. Aside from the said movies, here’s more:

1. Puss in Boots 

Of course a lot of us are familiar with this movie, right? We love this movie because it is animated yet the genre is action. So it gives us a unique type of film.

2. They Died with their Boots On

Although the title gives us an impression that the movie is kind of scary, it is not what we think. It is movie about the life of General George Custer. He went through a lot of challenges upon entering the military.

3. Kinky Boots 

This movie is developed in 2005 and it is a comedy drama film that is based on a true story. This is a film that is literally about shoes. It specifically tells the story of a shoe factory that is struggling to make money. The lead character, Character, who is also the owner of the factory enter in a partnership with a drug queen just to save the factory.