Last-Minute Gifts By Interest For The Movie Lover

Last-Minute Gifts By Interest For The Movie Lover

So you just found out that it’s your best buddies’ first year anniversary, or it’s your best friend’s birthday and you totally forgot. No problem, give her gifts by interest which means if your friend is a movie lover, go ahead and download movies for her as a gift. Here are other film features and TV series that you can give as a gift in DVD or Blu-Ray, online streaming, or paid downloads.

Coolest Gifts for Movie and TV Fans

Feature Films on DVD and Blu-Ray

Most of the titles in our annual list of the best films are also available on DVD and Blu-Ray just in time for the Christmas season – it’s also worth browsing through again. Otherwise quick recommendations:

  • Pretty best friends. If you haven’t seen the French comedy/drama yet, you’ll be overwhelmed by the philanthropy. (e.g. suitable for parents)
  • The Artist. The 2012 Oscar winner is a tribute to silent cinema.
  • Merida. After Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Wall E and all of these things, Pixar delivers a medieval story that focuses on people. Is something (not only) for the little siblings.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy. In summer Christopher Nolan presented the end of his Batman film series with “The Dark Knight Rises” – not the strongest part, but overall a celebration for every film lover.
  • Prometheus. Ridley Scott’s Prequel has not become an aliens part but is the only sci-fi film of the year that once again asks questions about “where are we going” in grandiose imagery and breathtaking aesthetics.
  • Tom Meets Zizou. For football fans: the documentary about Thomas Broich takes a look behind the scenes of the Bundesliga and shows how the young talent was burned up.
  • Anvil. Still one of the best music films. The documentary follows the metal band Anvil, which filled the big stadiums in the 80s, but now runs out of food and plays in front of 20 tough fans.

The Best TV Series

  • Game of Thrones. In preparation for Season 2 (to be released in April 2013) and Season 3 (to be launched in 2013), you can give away the first round of the terrific fantasy epic. Also for people who don’t like fantasy.
  • Star Trek The Next Generation. The second season has just been released on Bluray, revised in sound and image, with the genre-defining adventures.
  • The Wire. The classic tip. Although it looks like the 90s, it is often called the best series ever because it really makes all sides understandable as a drug cop story – and still works as a thriller.
  • Borgen – Dangerous rope teams. Despite the strange title, this is a representative of the Scandinavian series quality boom, a story about power, string-pullers, and family
  • Sherlock. Less action-based than the reboot in the cinema, the series proves to be an absolutely successful leap forward with great actors.