Keto Diet Film ‘The Magic Pill’: Everything You Need to Know

Keto Diet Film ‘The Magic Pill’: Everything You Need to Know

When the Australian documentary film “The Magic Pill” streamed on Netlflix, it actually gave people the chance at Keto dieting. But the question is, can a high-fat, low-carb diet really prevent and even cure illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and autism?

The film, from celebrity chef Pete Evans, suggests that the modern diet is to blame for the majority of chronic diseases, an idea that has critics slamming the film for peddling “harmful” ideas. But how does this affect Keto dieting? Does it really affect people’s health? Or was it all a hoax?

“The Magic Pill” pursues individuals in America and Australia experiencing various sicknesses to investigate what impact, assuming any, the ketogenic diet has on their side effects. The ketogenic, or keto diet, is a high-fat, low-carb diet that urges your body to utilize fat for fuel rather than carbs.

Keto guidelines from “The Magic Pill”

The people profiled followed a diet based on keto principles. These include:


  • Eat whole and organic foods
  • Eliminate processed foods, dairy, grains, and legumes
  • Edge out bad fats (vegetable oils) with healthy fats (olive and coconut oils, animal fats, eggs, and avocados)
  • Aim to consume free-range animals and wild-caught seafood
  • Introduce bone broths, organ meats, fermented foods, and intermittent fasting into your diet


Keto Diet According to Science

While the keto diet is touted for its fat-consuming impacts, there’s developing proof that it can help a wide array of illnesses, including coronary illness, diabetes, and disease. 

“Being in a gentle condition of ketosis is extremely the spot to be,” nervous system specialist David Perlmutter says in the film, including that fat powers the mind superior to carbs do. 

As per late Bulletproof Radio, digital recording scene visitor Kris Smith, MD, a top neurosurgeon who has some expertise in mind tumors at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, “I truly think the ketogenic diet will be… a piece of that enchantment slug, the sacred goal of treating individuals with this sickness.”

Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure with the Keto diet, it works well with helping a lot of diseases, just like the film “The Magic Pill” said. However, you have to remember that it still depends on you on how you’re going to handle the process itself. 

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