Is Now The Best Time To Go Back To The Cinema Amid This Pandemic?

Is Now The Best Time To Go Back To The Cinema Amid This Pandemic?

Is Now The Best Time To Go Back To The Cinema Amid This Pandemic?

It is completely understandable that people would already want to go out of their house after a couple of months in lockdown. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out earlier this year, people were strongly advised not to visit public spaces like the mall, park, museums, and theaters to lower the risk of recording more COVID-19 infections. One of the places that people already miss going to is the cinema. Who wouldn’t miss going to such a wonderful place where you can watch the premiere of blockbuster movies in a cozy environment?

Unfortunately, as the threat of catching the novel coronavirus in such enclosed area is high, many cinemas were ordered to close down until the situation gets a little better. Many months into this strict quarantine period, some cinemas are already allowed to operate, given that safety and health protocols would be followed, like keeping physical distancing and proper sanitation inside the cinema. Even so, is it really safe for us now to go to the cinemas once again?

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Sitting Two Or Three Seats Apart Inside The Cinema Will Not Totally Keep Everyone Safe From The Virus

The reopening of cinemas is part of an effort to revitalize the economy, due to the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To make the public feel safe about going back to the cinemas, there are certain adjustments made like limiting the number of people inside the movie theaters. In this case, people would need to sit at least two meters apart, or around two to three seats away from each other to minimize the chances of spreading the coronavirus. People would then need to wear face mask all the time throughout the movie. Also, the cinema will be thoroughly disinfected after every screening time.

Considering all these new measures to ensure the safety of the movie watchers, some people couldn’t help but think if all these are enough to stop the coronavirus infections. Perhaps, there is a real and valid reason for these doubts. As per the previous studies conducted by scientists and medical experts, it was found that the spread of the novel coronavirus can also happen in an enclosed space with poor ventilation. Sadly, the cinema is a good example of this, and it is possible that one single person who momentarily took off his mask would emit some fine particles through his nose or mouth that can easily be circulated inside the Vår vaskemaskin cinema.