Independent Filmmakers : Factors That Help Drive Success to an Indie Film

Independent Filmmakers : Factors That Help Drive Success to an Indie Film

Independent filmmakers agree that it takes more than creative talent and technical knowledge to fulfill one’s ambition of producing good movies.

Naturally, funding is a major factor, and needless to say, the return on investment is the principal metric used in gauging the success of a film project. After all, film making is basically a business venture, which is why it is important to know the factors that can drive success to an undertaking.
If you are looking to become a successful independent filmmaker, the first thing you have to do is to stop being naive; by not insisting that having a good story, talent and dedication will suffice. While garnering critical acclaim and earning recognition from an award winning body can be a rewarding experience, one’s commercial achievement is just as important; not just for you but for all stakeholders involved.

Acquire Knowledge Through Practical Experience

Knowledge therefore must be all encompassing and most of the stuff that you need to learn can only be acquired through experience.

Yet if you and your team are fast learners, achieving success can come in no time at all. We all know that this is possible because there have been independently made movies that became instant hits Yet their triumph is not just out of pure luck, but a balance of all things important in film production, including marketing and promotion.

”The Blair Witch Project” : A Classic Example of a Highly Successful Indie Film

“The Blair Witch Project” immediately comes to mind as a classic example of an indie film that became a big hit despite being a low-budgeted film. Costing the movie producer a total production value of only $60,000, “The Blair Witch Project” went on to make history by globally grossing as much as $246.8 million at the box office.

As a horror movie, the use of “found footage” or video cam recording made the movie appear as a realistic representation of a true-to-life story. The depiction of the chilling experience of a group of amateur filmmakers on a mission to create a documentary about an urban legend in the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, made the movie look authentic. So much so that the audiences were no longer sure if what they were viewing is a real footage or just a fabrication.

Yet the main factor that drove victory to “The Blair Witch Project” is the marketing campaign that was launched to promote the indie movie in 1999. Using a nascent web-based technology in advertising at that time, word quickly spread that there was an upcoming horror film based on a true story extracted from found footage.

Although “The Blair Witch Project” was not the first to use the found footage film-making concept, it was the first to harness the power of promoting via the World Wide Web. Today, independent filmmakers have several tools and online resources they can use in promoting their movies, which makes the aspect of marketing and promoting an indie film seem much easier to accomplish.

Facebook for one created a movie fan page that can help film promoters reach their target audience at the social media site. However, since this is also available to large production outfits, indie filmmakers have to use other marketing strategies to push their movie website and FB movie fan page into the mainstream. So far, a method that has been proven effective is that of looking for the best place to buy real facebook followers who can help spread information about a forthcoming movie.