Impacts of Covid-19 to the Entertainment Industry

Impacts of Covid-19 to the Entertainment Industry

Covid-19 is a global pandemic and the way how government and industry response are unprecedented. The most common approach of preventing the issue now is putting restrictions among people. Thus, it’s the reason why we now have a lockdown and quarantine. With such bold move, many industries are affected on how it will carry through the situation.

This is true especially in the entertainment industry. And whether you believe it or not, there are stages in which this pandemic could impact the business. These will be discussed further in the next lines. If your career is in line of this industry, then better stick until the end of this article and see how it could affect your living and lifestyle.


Despite the fact that the entertainment is consumed away from public places, exception from live performances of course, process of production for contents will require frequent human contact. Therefore, this increases the risks of spreading and having Covid-19.

Needless to say, every media outlet will be affected differently but still, there are guidelines and restrictions that concerns certain group of people and those who are working at home have impacted filming of movies and TV shows with majority ft he projects tentatively put on hold.

But this is not entirely a disadvantage to the industry. This is because social talents and podcast creators are making the most of the situation by publishing their own content and generate great number of audiences who were once glued to movies and TV shows. So even with these channels, you may be hearing of various ads from Vaillant Combi boiler price and the likes. At the end of the day, it is “Business as usual”.

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment venues that encompass sports, music, theater, clubs and cinemas are more affected by the outbreak. But recovery has to transpire in mid to long term. Among the mentioned venues, sports are most impacted and were one to respond. On the meantime, holes left by sports both for live and TV opens an opportunity for other types of entertainment to fill in. The same is true with live music entertainment.

Well it is forecasted that as soon as the pandemic is over, everything will return to normal, stronger than ever.