How the Green Screen Magic Works in TV and Movies?

How the Green Screen Magic Works in TV and Movies?

Chroma keys make it possible for media technicians to isolate green panels and screen from people standing in front of it. Then after, they are replacing the background with anything needed for the project. This is the exact reason why you were able to see giant monsters in movies, aliens and everything you man can imagine.

Where the Process Begins

The procedure will start with a recorded video or a digitally transferred film, a computer output or live video feed. Then after, it is separating and removing single color in narrow defined region of the said spectrum. The color is usually bright blue or bright green. These colors are just perfect because these hues greatly vary from the skin tones of human and typically not found in clothing.

In order for the green screen effect to work, green areas should be lit evenly minus the visible shadows. When green screens are finally identified and removed, you can add pretty much anything that you ever wanted.

Innovation never Stops

Chroma keying for live feeds need hardware that is capable of recognizing and manipulating multiple video channels.

The layers will be defined by color while the recorded material could be changed in the post-production using photo or video editing software. Just be aware that chroma keying is not just intended for the backgrounds. It’s because it can work with objects too. Detailed characters like the Chitauri and dragons in GOT from Marvel and HBO respectively have bright green stand-ins in which the actors hold and interacting with.

Throughout the years, chroma key tech becomes more sophisticated and sensitive. The capability to separate individual hairs and improve edge detection on foreground actor’s heads from green background makes it more realistic and seamless to integrate live action with stunning effects.

Its Tweakable and Portable

Not only that, digital technology becomes easily accessible and cheaper. Thus, chroma key can be downloaded and used directly in your tablet or smartphone. Apps as well as software like After Effects, Photoshop and iMovie have made it feasible even for amateurs or pros to tweak and make manipulations with their own green screen images – creating studio-like effect.

Once all is set and done, the next thing is to market the project. And what better way of doing this than reaching out to and give it wide exposure.