Hosting A Dive-In Or Poolside Movie Night

Hosting A Dive-In Or Poolside Movie Night

Any homeowner who chooses to have a backyard pool knows that it is very crucial to ensure to set up a protective fence surrounding the pool particularly if there are young children in the home. Many owners of a backyard pool invest in glass pool fences since it functions as a safety barricade to keep children safe. Moreover, due to its design being unobtrusive, it is transparent enough for you to see right through giving you a clear view of the pool especially when there are people in the pool.

Owning a backyard pool would also give homeowners to host a “dive-in” movie night that family and friends would certainly not forget. With only a small number and simple things needed to pull off a dive-in movie, your social gathering with family and/or friends could go from average to impressive.

There are a few things needed to host a successful dive-in movie night:

  • Laptop
  • Projector and projector screen
  • Speakers
  • Pool floats and/or comfortable pool side seating
  • Snacks and drinks

Tips for a Successful Dive-in Movie Night

  • Improve your Technical System

Although it may be easy to attach the projector and speakers to your laptop, it may be a wise idea to ask the help of a tech expert to make sure that all acoustics as well as visual components of your technical set-up would work smoothly and efficiently. As for the screen, you might want to rent an inflatable movie projector screen. Set it up in a place where your guests would have a clear view. Ensure that your technical arrangement is far enough from the water. Do a trial run prior the event to fix, readjust and correct any issues.

  • Schedule the Dive-in Movie Night

For a poolside or dive-in movie night, it is best to schedule the time and date to make sure that temperature at night is comfortable since your guests will surely have a dip or swim in the pool in their swimsuits. Regardless, have enough blankets ready for guests who may feel cold. Nonetheless, if you are concerned about that the evening would be cold, opt to start the movie before it becomes dark and cold.

  • Have Enough Seating Alternatives

Though it would be a dive-in movie night, not all of your guest would want to dip in the pool as they view the movie. Make certain that you have more than enough comfortable seating situated behind the pool. For your guests in the pool, ensure that you there is enough pool floats or ask your guests to bring their own.