Great Movies that Senior Citizens Might Have Missed or Want to Watch Again

Great Movies that Senior Citizens Might Have Missed or Want to Watch Again

Millions of seniors retire annually but the numbers were exceptionally high this year as some may have been forced to retire early due to the pandemic. This means that millions more have been at home binge-watching movies and by now would have probably ran out of movie titles to rent or download. Not that there aren’t enough movies available, it’s just that as they get older, senior citizens tend to be more discriminating when choosing a movie.

Actually, some seniors are starting to get bored as they have oftentimes experienced disappointment with their selections. Anyway, since our niche is about movies and entertainment, we’ve compiled some movie titles that they may have missed, to which many seniors gave a thumbs up sign for their entertainment value.

Happy Tears (2009 Comedy-Drama)

A lot of seniors missed this movie starring Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin, Rip Torn and Parker Pose, since it’s an independently-produced film by Mitchell Lichtenstein.

It’s a heart-warming story about two sisters returning to their childhood home to be with their aging father as he has developed health problems common to aging adults. Despite the difficulties encountered by the two sisters in dealing with the seriousness of their father’s health condition, the sisters found the warmth and comfort they have been searching for amidst a home that evoked many wonderful memories, especially about their already departed mother. Seniors who watched this movie were not at all disappointed as Rip Torn still has that ability to deliver a finely-tuned comedic performance.

Get Low (2010 Comedy-Mystery)

This is another comedy flick but with a touch of mystery. The story revolves around a famous folk tale of a 1930s man from Tennessee who lived his life as a hermit, until he decided to throw a party to celebrate his own funeral. This film headlines Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray under the direction of Aaron Schneider. It was shot entirely in Georgia to which the Georgia Department of Economic Development gave full support during production.

The Bucket List (2008 Comedy- Adventure)

This movie is a wacky story between two elderly men terminally ill with cancer. Until one day, the pair made a successful escape out of their confinement in a cancer ward. Rather than wait in boredom for death to relieve them of their pain, the two elderly patients went on a road trip so they could do some of the things they’ve been meaning to do before they were stricken with cancer. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play the lead roles.

Gotta Dance (2008 Documentary – Musical/Adventure)

This film earned approval from quite a number of seniors even if it’s a documentary. It narrates the story of the search for the New Jersey Nets’ first ever hip-hop dance team of senior citizens. It chronicles how the New Jersey Basketball team set out to recruit, audition and train dancers aged between 50 and 80 in forming “The NetSationals”, up to their debut performance in Meadowland.

These are only some of the popular picks among senior citizens who have been binge-watching movies provided by leading streaming networks. However, we want to leave a reminder about the importance of taking time to get into some physical activities in order to stay physically fit; especially now that there’s an ongoing pandemic.

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