Entertainment in Valorant Video Games

Entertainment in Valorant Video Games

As soon as Riot Games carefully considered their most recent venture, Valorant, it became apparent that the goals of game developers in California were: Cross-based genre CS: Must be brave. In particular, the esports market in the area of ​​self and tactical shooting should take over. At the very least, it’s already possible to allow many promotional-only players who receive a key via the Valorant Twitch stream to join the closed beta. However, these are very rare Reddit users, using 25,000 copies of EU servers. Artificial shortages mean that many riot fans are sitting in front of a brave creek every day.

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VALORANT Gameplay & Review

I tested Valorant with a beta key and made an impression. I found this game really entertaining. After finishing five games, what is especially amazing is the completion of the title. The process looks stable and the agents are not optimally balanced, but the design is reasonable. The skills of different characters usually have a very positive effect on the game. They increase the tactical differences and greatly improve the fun of the game, but in most cases there are only four teammates. Information flow from CS: GO lighting experts like Fatih’gob b’Dayik provide other tips. Professional heroic parties can have high entertainment elements. Picture the final between Navi and Astralis. Not only smoking and flushing, but also determining the progress of the game, as well as the combination of different skills.

A brave house away from home

Anyone who has played CS: GO will soon be able to relax with their Valorant weapons. For example, Vandal’s spray mode (equivalent to CS: GO’s AK 47) is not repetitive, but has a logical, learnable effect. Headshots seem to be the key to success, as armor also cannot prevent single shots. So far, CS authors can play three maps: SPLIT, BIND, and HAVEN. GO map cache, Sal’Volcano ‘Garozzo, etc. They seem to have adapted well to shootouts and agents. The current round feels much slower than the counterattack. This is probably because the player is not playing a regular game on Valorant.

In short, our first impression is completely positive. Of course, Riot- didn’t reinvent the wheel, but used many proven mechanics, including League of Legends, Legend of Runeterra, Team Tactics, and more. However, the developers seem to be doing one thing right. He uses proprietary components to improve the known principles of the game. Nevertheless, some questions about the future remain open: Is the riot control community the right target group for shooters? Are CS: GO players loyal to the Valve branch? How does Riot develop promising principles? What are counter strike experts doing, especially in the field of esports? For the average gamer, the heroic future makes a great difference, either as a copy or as the king of shooting.