Computer And Video Games – More Than Just Entertainment

Computer And Video Games – More Than Just Entertainment

Aside from movies and music, video and computer games like agario is also a favored form of entertainment. Video games do not only interest or appeal to children. In fact, the Entertainment Software Association reports that 30 years old is the average age of gamers in the United States. According to statistics, about 40% of gamers are over 36 years of age, and 47% of the entire population of gamers is embodied by women.

In the United States, ESA is exclusively devoted to serving and helping the business as well as the needs on public affairs of companies or enterprises that publish video and computer games for personal computers, consoles for video game, other gaming systems, and the Internet.

More Than Just Entertainment

ESA gives a very helpful, significant and unceasing research on the bearing or effect of video games in a society’s numerous aspects. Although they are focus is within the United States, their researches are particularly interesting, which includes how video and computer games improve family life, education, art, social issues, the economy and more. In many of their research, they found that computer and video games are more than just for entertainment.

An Opportunity For Family To Connect and Bond

Video games are liked and enjoyed by many Americans and many believe that video games educationally impact family life. At least on a monthly basis, 60% of parents play video games with their children since they find it fun and amusing, but above this, it gives the family the opportunity to bond and connect with each other.

Effective Teaching Tool For Educators and Learning Tool For Students

Aside from keeping the learners engaged, researchers discovered that computer and video games have the actual potential to be an effective teaching-learning tool that would help instill learning content, cultivate life skills as well as strengthen positive habits and practices in students regardless of age.

A Step Towards A Career In Programming, Games Design and Game Development

Ludology is a scholastic study of video game from a humanistic standpoint. It, at present, makes students eligible to pursue careers or professions in video and computer game design as well as programming. Learning institutions across the US offer students advanced artistic and creative training in game design. 343 universities, colleges and technical schools in the US offer courses and programs in video game development, design and programming.