Cinema-Like Shots Using Only Your Phone

Cinema-Like Shots Using Only Your Phone

Time to exploit the full feature and functions of your smartphone’s camera. You can do so simply by taking free udemy courses or, read the entire content. If you are into photography or making videos from your phone and want to make it more interesting, then the tips that you are going to find in this article will definitely be a big help.

Get the Audience’s Attention

You should be fearless and take advantage of storytelling to engage your market and build your audience.

But first, a few points to consider:


  • Vlogs – rather than blogging, say to the camera what you’re about to write. Here, your viewers are able to connect to your voice, body language, and face. This brings a more human element to the content you create.
  • Real-Time View – have you witness something intriguing or exciting? Then if so, pull out your phone and start shooting! Who knows, that video you’re shooting at can go viral and bring an influx of people to your page.
  • Live Video – both YouTube and Facebook live are great platforms to grow your audience. It allows live streaming of events, lectures, exciting announcements, educational contents and a lot more.


Golden Rule in Cinema-Style Shots

Enough with the teasers, let’s get to the actual reason why you are here. To achieve that cinema-style photography or videography straight from your smartphone’s camera, then practicing the points discussed can help a lot.

Go Social

The difference between landscape and portrait can be seen clearly.

When making videos, keep in mind that the landscape is king.

Filming in this mode makes it easier to decide whether or not you’ll crop the video and thus, make edits in the future.

Level Up the Composition

When you are recording people, always keep the focus on their face, just right above the centerline. This is mimicking the natural field of view and thus, it’s more pleasing to the eyes.

Eye Lines

Let your subject look off the camera or directly into the camera. Remember, if their eyes are looking either too far down or too far up, it will not feel right and spoil the outcome.