Behind the Scenes with Tech Used in Motion Picture

Behind the Scenes with Tech Used in Motion Picture

Technology in motion-picture or films simply means its production and show. This does include not just motion-picture projector and camera but also, these technologies involve editing of both sound and picture, recording sound, creating visual and special effects, producing animation and such.

With the integration of AI or Artificial Intelligence, it since starts making a mark in Hollywood films especially in the subject of VFX or Visual Effects.

As a matter of fact, numerous companies are now trying new things with the utilization of AI machine to analyze film content in strange new ways.

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Among the exciting mediums in which AI is changing the landscape of film production is focused on CGI or Computer Generated Imagery. While motion-picture has been the favorite tool among Hollywood movies in creating CGI characters mirroring real actor’s movement, this technology has provided another arsenal to artists who just have basic visual references.

IBM Taking Over

Back in 2016, IBM has utilized AI in creating alternative movie trailer for Morgan which was produced by 20th Century Fox. This movie follows humanoid with embedded with artificial intelligence. To teach the supercomputer of the company named Watson has made the trailer extremely good. IBM researchers let Watson watch to over a hundred movies as well as its corresponding trailers.

After it has identified patterns in sounds and visuals of the trailer, Watson watched Morgan for the second time and it suggested 10 scenes to be included in the trailer. The film editor has used 9 of them which turns out to be a totally new trailer done in a day.


This was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2016. Arraiy has proprietary developed AI that can seamlessly include near-real CGI objects to the scene. It makes it possible even when both camera and the object itself are moving. Among the reasons why this has been extremely challenging in motion-picture industry and technology is the fact that, as camera moves, the angle to which the viewer sees CGI object changes as well. Rather than having VFX artists to alter and modify appearances of CGI object at one frame at 24x/second, Arraiy AI software do this automatically.